Hey Hey! I know that this can be one of the most wonderful times of the year. Children and adults are excited about the parties, services, gifts and food. Everyone is ready to give many hugs and kisses to their family and friends. I agree, I love this season. It is filled with so much hope… for most. Then, however, there are those who see the holidays very differently.

For a number a reasons this time of year has become the most torturous times of the year. Be it the loss of a loved one, a disadvantaged childhood, or the misery of watching so many get into debt. Whatever the reason may be, I have decided that no matter what, I have to hold up the banner of love and care. This is what is most needed at any time of year, but now is a very good time to surely apply it.

Love, charity, joy and goodwill are things we should never let rest. At this time of year, when there are an all time high amount of suicides and robberies, we must be the light of the world.

Find a way to spread love! Be joyful in the face of depression and worry. Find a way to give of yourself. Make this holiday season special to someone!

Never let Love rest! We need it always!

Coach Treasure