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Support each other can get to be very expensive when we do as much as we want to do. This is my attempt to help make it easier for my book to be purchased. Let’s support each other. It matters.

My book “A Heart’s Thoughts” is a book that addresses those questions that we often ask in our hearts and not so much to everyone but mostly to God. “Why is my blessing taking so long?” “Why do I feel so alone in times of trouble when God said He’ll never leave me?” “Why I am not at peace with myself?” “Why can’t I trust and fully let go?”

These questions and more are asked and answered based on the answers that God, through life, has shared with me. Along with a few thoughts from my friend, The Tru Sum, I know that it will be of comfort to someone.

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“Remember the fairy tale books and movies that most of us loved when we were young?… Do  you remember why you loved them? I do; I remember the very reason. I loved them because of the way it made love look and even as a little girl I started dreaming and  acting out having a relationship like that.

“The princess or good character in the story loved so blindly that they never worried about being hurt and when they were hurt they always bounced back and they always lived happily ever after. They have such a pure view of their world. Without a doubt they knew that their outcome would be one of great joy forever and ever.

“Well, these stories "A Heart's Thoughtsare created for children to line up with how they  view the world. We, as children, had an untainted view as well. So, what happened to our view of the world?…

“We know that life has unfortunate circumstances…”

It is these unfortunate circumstances that lead to our fear and the difficulty that is trusting God. We are so used to things and people disappointing us that we thus associate this with The Creator.  We are afraid to trust anyone and this puts God at the forefront because He created all those “bad” people, right?

Well, learning to trust God & fully let go starts with you. You must throw pride out of the window and begin to open your eyes to the truth. The truth is that everything has its season, yet God still cares enough and is  right there for you.

We all have things that could keep us cold to the world, but whose life does that really affect the most? Yours!

So, let’s put pride aside and  begin by remembering that if we never want to fully trust God, we never will.

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