Let's 'GO': Get Over To Get On With Life

Available for purchase on April 30th 2010!

Mark Your schedules and get ready for the upcoming release of Shalonda “Treasure” Williams’ new book…

Let’s ‘GO’: Get Over To Get On With Life

“Life deals us some situations that can be labeled as painful, stressful, hurtful, dramatic, abusive, and so much more. These situations can leave us with shame that is so deep you feel that all eyes on are you when you’re in public. Scars so deep that you think they will never close up. Burden so heavy that your back feel like it a can break any second.

I know that it seems hard and that it feels like it will never pass, but it will.

Shalonda “Treasure” Williams is hear to speak to the many things that we have yet to Get Over. Things that we must Get Over in order to Get On with and live a happy, love and peace filled life. Let’s ‘GO’. Let’s Get Over to Get On with your abundant life.”